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Why pay for expensive home decor? In Terri's Creation Station, you'll learn techniques with lots of tips and tricks to turn everyday items into showstoppers ready for you to sell or keep for yourself.

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Whether it’s a wreath, floral arrangement, door hanger, wood sign, special container or heirloom piece, you will learn lots of ways to add that pizzazz to your world.
Terri Marshall
Terri Marshall is a leading designer and influencer in the crafting world who is ready to share her experience with you. Creating a beautiful home and enjoying all types of crafting inspired Terri to share her talents with people of all different skill levels.

It won’t take long before you will understand Terri’s first love is for teaching. She has a heart to explain, guide and direct in all aspects of floral design, crafting, staging, purchasing and so much more to help you whether you’re in business or just love to design as a hobby.

Ask Yourself These Questions...

What struggles do you have in creating your designs? Is it color combinations, or ideas, or confidence in your choices?
How many times have you wanted to give up, start over or put something aside because you’re just not feeling it?
Are you struggling in your construction techniques like attaching signs, embellishments, building the bones of an arrangement?
Do you wish you could use ribbon in creative ways, whether it’s a bow by hand, loops or using the ProBow?
Where in the world do designers purchase such great materials at the best prices?
Do you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and sell more?
Does it take you too long to create something?
Do you wonder if buying wholesale is better for you than just catching things on sale?
Are you a beginner and feel like you’ll never learn?
Do you want a wealth of information on creating beautiful designs for your home, to sell or give away to friends and family?
Is it frustrating to start a project and not be able to complete it because you don’t have the right materials or ideas to bring your vision to life?
How many times have you browsed Pinterest wishing you had the skills to design your own mantle, tablescape, wreath or arrangement for a fraction of a custom order?
Do you love learning in a relaxed non-competitive environment with complete access to your instructor?
Do you love being updated with current market and design trends for upcoming seasons so you can buy materials with confidence?

If any of these questions speak to you, then Terri’s Creation Station is the place for you!

You might be wondering what you get when you access Terri’s Creation Station.

Great question!!!

Here in the Station you have three ways to access content. Deciding which level of membership best suits you is a way for your training to be customized to your particular needs.

You decide which ticket on the Terri Train is a perfect ride for you!
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