About Terri

Experience. Passion. Love of People.

Hey, my friends! I’m Terri Marshall and owner of MilandDil Designs in Shreveport, Louisiana. The business started in 2011 with one of my daughter-in-laws – that’s where the MilandDil name originated. With a shared passion for florals and all things beautiful, we have moved the business forward to where it is today.

It’s always been my love to create even before the business started. Let’s face it — I enjoyed decorating my home on a budget and this eventually opened the door to a thriving floral business. For the past couple of years, I’ve been able to connect with so many other designers and industry leaders to work on educational opportunities in the business. My love is teaching and it’s my passion for sure!!

It’s been said I’m an innovator. Well, I guess it’s because I created the “Terri Bow”. I do love thinking about new ways to put things together, breaking design rules and coming up with out-of-the-box ways to do what is normally done. So that may be what gives me a bit of an edge.

Terri’s Creation Station is another way for me to provide a place where I can share my experience in a more intimate setting. Teaching is totally my love. When I see someone invest in themselves or their business, it fires me up! Learning together is the best! I’m an avid learner and know my group members will teach me and inspire me in ways I can only imagine. It’s win win for me and I am excited for the journey. All aboard — we’re taking off on #terristrain.

Many know my husband David from our live broadcasts. We share a love of people as you can probably see when we interact with so many. The banter we have is nothing new — it’s been going on for the 45 years of our marriage! We have three sons and nine grandchildren who all live in Shreveport/Bossier. That means our lives are full of fun and happiness. Plus, it’s very loud as you can imagine!

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