How to Make an Easy Lighted Ornament Garland

Terri Marshall
November 26, 2021

The day after Thanksgiving and YES it's time to shift our thinking to all things Christmas (if you haven't already)!!

How about an easy way to amp up your mantle garland this year? For very little $$$? And it looks fabulous like from a designer showroom?

Now that I have your attention, let's get started. Here's the supply list to make the lights.


Hobby Lobby Shatterproof
White Glitter Ball Ornament (or similar)

Feel free to substitute any other brand or size. The main thing is to make sure the ornament is somewhat sheer or see through so after the lights are inserted you can see the beautiful glow!

70 Ct. LED Warm White Light Set

Substitute any LED light strand. Here is a referral link to this particular light set:

  1. IMPORTANT:  Plug in your lights to make sure they work! Yes, even new lights can be a problem!
  2. Remove the ornament cap and cut the plastic even with the ornament. You can use wire snips to do it.
  3. Use either a drill, a hot glue gun or wood burning tool to enlarge the opening of the ornament.
  4. Starting with the end of the light strand, skip two lights and add the next two lights into one ornament. Push them in separately and they will stay tight.
  5. Skip two more lights and repeating the process until you reach the end of the strand.

This garland lighting technique has so many uses and I feel sure you will come up with your own twist.

The mantle garland in the video above was made with the ornament lights, a lamb's ear garland and a flocked garland from WalMart.

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